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Sister Act, Encino Man, Alien³, Far and Away AND Cannes Film Festival, 1992 (NOW COMPLETE)

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Cannes Film Festival – Mac, Best Intentions, Bob Roberts, Sarafina, Reservoir Dogs, Bad Lieutenant

Video Pick of the Week – Dead Calm

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8 thoughts on “Sister Act, Encino Man, Alien³, Far and Away AND Cannes Film Festival, 1992 (NOW COMPLETE)

  • Sister Act is the kind of movie that makes me wish I was Helen Keller…. I just don’t get the appeal.

    I do however love Encino Man, and is not embarrassed to say that it makes my top 20 for 1992. I even have love for Pauly Shore…. not a lot, but enough to enjoy his schtick in this and Son in Law.

    Alien 3 was such a dissapointment to me upon release, as Roger predicts here. But with time, I have learned to appreciate the good things about it. Not one I throw on often though.

    Far and Away was never my bag, def with Rog on this one.

  • They were FAR too easy on Alien 3. My most hated and despised movie of all time. I left the theater so angry, its never happened to me like that before or since.

    • You’re saying that because you hated the movie yourself and not their reaction. The film they reviewed was on a technical level. Yes, the movie is completely flawed from the start with many different drafts of the script and three different directors who tried their best to make it work. The film is a hell of a lot better than most of the movies that are being churned out in the last 30 years since this movie was in production and still is alot better than watching both Alien vs. Predator, which were awful compared to this. If anyone is to blame for the films’ problems it’s the studio since they didn’t know what they wanted to begin with.

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  • Oh, there it is….. did you hear the very last thing said before the video cuts out? “There’s two ways you can go on this job,” spoken by Laurence Tierney, from an unknown little movie from an unknown little director who’s about to take over Hollywood. Hard to imagine that in every episode prior to this one, Roger and Gene would have no idea who you’re talking about if you whispered in their ears, “TARANTINO……”

  • Bit of a shame they missed the vote on Sister Act, I thought it was a really good film, i’ll take Sister Act over the massively overrated Aladdin as far as 1992 is concerned.

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