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5 thoughts on “The Doors, My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys, Iron & Silk, Superstar, 1991

  • The Doors review was a thoroughly satisfying argument to watch

    • Yes, and I think they both have some good points. It’s a great film, but hardly a pleasant watch.

  • I’m actually with Roger on The Doors. That movie is depressing to watch because it’s not an actual portrayal of Jim Morrison at all. Sure, the real Morrison wasn’t perfect either and his tantrums and alcoholism is widely known, but he was actually well respected by his peers and they enjoyed working with him. All Oliver Stone did was focus primarily on his flaws and make crap up to make Jim look worse than he actually was. I understand that filmmakers needed some creative license to tell a compelling story, but there’s no excuse for Stone to lie to the audience on who Morrison was. Stone is undeniably a great filmmaker and Kilmer gives a great performance, but it’s not true to Jim Morrison at all.

  • I have to say I think Ebert is totally off-base on this one. He’s forcefully stating how high-quality the movie is, yet he says it’s “unpleasant to watch” and therefore can’t recommend it…. but how many downward spirals have we witnessed in film history that are unpleasant to watch? Isn’t Taxi Driver unpleasant? Isn’t Days of Wine and Roses unpleasant? They gave a great review to the Agnes Varda film Vagabond, and good grief, that is unpleasant! ……But all great films, mesmerizing in their portrayal of a human being gradually losing everything and forcing everyone away. He does make a good point about the thumbs up/down thing, how it doesn’t allow for any nuance in a review, it’s either good or bad according to the thumbs. (He gave it 2-1/2 stars in his original review.)

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