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13 thoughts on “Gene Siskel Tribute January 26, 1946 – February 20, 1999

    • He was. And listening to some of the older shows you can see how passionate he was about films and what was wrong with a lot of them. It took me over a year to get over the fact that Gene was gone but every now and then, I would think of him and what would he have thought of certain films. He really missed a lot of good ones. And he would be happy knowing that Martin Scorcese and Spike Lee now have Oscars.

    • That’s at the end of the video tribute that closed this season. Touching. You can tell Roger meant what he said and not in the gay way. He meant he loved him like a brother. Now they are together in heaven forever, seeing good films.

  • Real shame Gene died so young. He and Roger could’ve easily done at least 10 more seasons together. Their chemistry made for wonderfully entertaining TV, whether reviewing movies or appearing on talk shows. And while Gene was a pretty tough critic in the 70’s, he loosened up quite a bit during all the years he worked with Roger. And he was very perceptive, especially about the minds of Hollywood, and how they became more interested in the bottom line than in making quality entertainment. Not to mention that he was so funny when he was insulting Roger, or when he answered back Roger’s insults. Nobody else on Earth could make fat jokes funny! No question that they both had big egos and it made for great TV.

    Even though they didn’t admit it very loudly, I believe they really enjoyed their time together and their vocal boxing matches. I never believed the rumors that the hated each other for one second! So, no question that Roger said “Ya know big guy, I love ya!” from the heart and he meant every word.

    I thought Richard Roeper was OK and he got better with Roger over time. There was just no chance that Roger’s chemistry with Gene could ever be matched or surpassed. So, Roeper faced a no-win situation and he did the best he could.

    Rest in Peace, Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert. Ya know big guys, I love ya both!

    • They did enjoy each other’s company. Roger said in the 10 year anniversary of Gene’s passing that they would never have broken up even when things were at a boil. They were linked in a bond forever. Of course, it built up over the years to that. And that was also why the show worked-they were able to build up chemistry and be passionate about issues and films. Did I like Richard? Yes, eventually he did grow on me. It took about a year or so, but he and Roger weren’t bad either. I think if Roger hadn’t gotten ill, they would’ve done even more years together. When Michael Phillips came aboard as Roger’s replacement, I was warming up to him and Richard and if Disney had just left the show alone, it would’ve be going for even more years. But they had to fuck it up.

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