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4 thoughts on “Falling in Love, Paris Texas, Stop Making Sense, 1984

  • I’m surprised nobody has talked about their review of Silent Night Deadly Night, so it’s time for me to address this. For starters, the controversy behind the movie is insane. TV ads for the freaked out so many moms, that they think it’s okay to request movie theaters to take out the film, rather than to turn off the TV and/or talk to their kids about what’s real or unreal. Then Gene Siskel thinks it’s okay to call out the filmmakers by name and calling their profits “blood money”. Hard to believe that a 38 year old man said this crap on TV.

    • To be honest with you, I think Silent Night, Deadly Night is a terribly bad film. It is not to say it is damaging the spirit of Christmas but they just wanna entertain slasher film fans who continue to adore Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street films. Though it was edited to obtain R but it simply makes no excuse to show how cruel these people including the director and writers were at making a film like this.

      • I’m not actually defending the film and I get that slasher films are not for everybody. And I understand why people would be upset by this film. But I’m sorry, moms picketing theaters that were showing a film made for an older audience is not responsible parenting. Also, Gene is also being irrational by calling out the filmmakers by name and saying that the filmmakers were motivated by “blood money”. It’s blatant soapboxing.

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