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6 thoughts on “Pretty Woman, Blind Fury, A Shock to the System, The Fourth War, Lambada, 1990

  • Pretty Woman is meh for me. Got some fun scenes here and there but probably one I would file away in the “chick flick” folder.

    Blind Fury is enjoyable cheese, though I find the kid from Step by Step a bit annoying. Love Gene calling out Roger’s Johnny Appleseed reference……. “planting glaucoma”… lol.

    Fourth War is a solid and somewhat underrated cold war thriller. The snowball scene is pretty memorable.

    Aaaah, Lambada…. when the two Cannon execs, Golan and Globus were warring with the ammo being crappy dance flicks….. what a noble piece of Hollywood history. It’s also funny how Gene was often soft on dance films, with his all-time fave of course being Saturday Night Fever.

  • Here’s something interesting about the Lambada argument: Roger mentions two other films, Dirty Dancing and Stand and Deliver. He voted thumbs down on those films and Gene voted thumbs up on them, just like with Lambada.

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  • Go, Gene, go! I love it when Gene, usually much harsher on films than Roger, likes something that Roger hates. And they both understand: sometimes you just connect with a film. No reason to like it, but you just do. Gene liked Lambada. He does seem to have a thing for dance movies. Why not?

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