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3 thoughts on “When a Man Loves a Woman, PCU, With Honors, No Escape, The Favor, 1994

  • Unbelievable! “No Escape” was terrible as I recall. I have not seen it twice. Should I give it a second chance? My parents hated it too. We went for one reason. Gale Anne Hurd.

  • When A Man Loves a Woman…probably one of the best movies about addiction especially concerning alcoholism…it definitely deserved its praise but it definitely deserved more than that in 1994

  • Did you catch that No Escape was set in 2022? Listen again to the monologue delivered to Ray Liotta: “You will have no future contact with the outside world. No visitors, no phone calls, no letters. For all intents and purposes, you’re dead.” Not too bad, they were only 2 years off; that sounds exactly like 2020 to me.

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