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6 thoughts on “Enemy of the State, Waking Ned Devine, A Bug’s Life, Celebrity, The Rugrats Movie, 1998

  • Good heavens, now sad they are previewing The Phantom Menace, which would get released in May 1999…months after Gene’s death. On the other hand, it was one of the most disappointing movies ever made.

    • I think they did that because it was so anticipated so they figured “Why not look at it and talk about it?”

  • Watching these last several shows of 1998 is so bittersweet, with Gene’s health deteriorating with each new show. This show’s especially sad with Gene trying to compare the two animated bug movies and analyzing the trailer of a Star Wars movie he didn’t live to see.

    • Yeah, it’s really sad to watch, especially considering how much he loved the series, even though he never was a sci-fi fan.

    • True, now that we know he would die a few months after this is sad. And sad he didn’t live to see that film. Wonder how he would’ve felt about Jar Jar Binks, who a lot of people seem to hate?

  • Another sad thing on here is that Gene didn’t live to see anymore Pixar films and the whole animation rebirth in theaters. He would’ve been amazed and happy about that.

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