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4 thoughts on “Made in America, Menace II Society, Cliffhanger, Hot Shots! Part Deux, The Long Day Closes, 1993

  • I’m with Gene, also. You remember The Talking Killer cliche on their 1988 special? Cliffhanger is the very definition of it! Stallone’s and Michael Rooker’s characters would’ve been long since dead if the killers weren’t such idiots!

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  • Well, thumbs up on Cliffhanger for me! I thought this was just about Stallone’s last great action movie, it worked from start to finish with excellent heroes, great bad guys, thrilling stunts, huge explosions, you name it. It was a big hit in theaters, I loved it then and I still love it.

    But I thought they were absolutely wrong about Menace II Society. I thought that movie was utterly reprehensible, glorifying in violence and presenting some truly evil people as simply misunderstood. Just because “this really happens,” is not an excuse to show it. Boyz n The Hood was a far, far, far superior movie, and far more realistic about human nature, too. Menace II Society was just sick.

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