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3 thoughts on “Getting Away with Murder, James and the Giant Peach, Jane Eyre, Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy, Ghost in the Shell, 1996

  • Now that was one hell of a disagreement (Brain Candy). I’ve been looking at 1996 lately and it seems they had a lot of arguments at this time. I think they had reached that point where they were like 2 roommates starting to drive each other crazy.

  • I honestly have mixed feelings with James and the Giant Peach. The animation is really good. But I have problems with how the film followed the book. In the book, the rhino escaped from the zoo and ran over James’ parents. The movie turned the rhino into a supernatural entity. Now that’s not a bad idea in theory. But the execution is off, because the film doesn’t give the rhino any motive or backstory. It’s just an example of lazy writing.

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