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6 thoughts on “Cop and a Half, The Adventures of Huck Finn, Jack the Bear, The Opposite Sex and How to Live with Them, Intervista, 1993

  • Gene never let up on Roger on the minority he belonged to when he gave thumbs up to “Cop and a Half”. His taunts included:
    -Naming it “Worst movie” on their “Worst of 1993” show.
    -Sending Roger an autographed picture of Norman D. Goldman as a joke.
    -When changing his mind on “Broken Arrow”, he demanded Roger to admit his mistake. That was 3 YEARS LATER!
    The most classic disagreement from them, and the biggest example of their great chemistry.

    • And on that show in 1996, Roger could’ve said, “Okay, look, I took it out of my Movie Home Companion, happy now, Gene?”

  • I want to correct Roger on him saying “The Opposite Sex” wasn’t a filmable screenplay. My cousin did the score and I asked him about this film. It had to do with the director.

  • I recently watched “Cop and a Half,” and here’s what I have to say about it:

    It’s not awful, the kid himself actually does a very decent job playing a kid that wishes to be a cop. There’s not much focus on the personalities of the bad guys and often feels like they’re only saying these lines for a paycheck. More effort was needed from these actors in order to leave you remembering them. The first 5 minutes of the film was annoying. The opening credits were flat and uninspired. Often, there are moments in the film where a character, usually the kid, would get revenge on somebody for something and often feels decently satisfying. What’s funny is that the film to me feels a little short. If there was another scene that involved a way for Devon and Nick to get along and build their chemistry, it would have worked better. I felt underwhelmed by the climax of the movie. At least, the beginning of it. While most of it seems relaxing as it takes place in a boat race in the ocean, that’s the thing, the climax seems more relaxing than it does dramatic and intense for some reason. I’ve noticed something too: many subpar movies often have the bad guys get soaked in a gross substance like slime, fish guts, glue etc. Even that purple stuff (no, not from the Sunny D commercials) from that live action Cat in the Hat movie. It almost never works because it’s repetitive and a bit unpleasant to watch at times. Burt Reynold’s acting is a hit-and-miss in the movie. What’s weird for me to say is that I feel the kid does a little bit of a better job acting in this movie than Reynolds. It usually feels like Reynolds is just playing the exact same character all throughout the film, even when he’s trying to create variety in his emotions. The film is only funny around a quarter of the time. It’s actually a cute concept to see school bullies of the kid get pulled into a trick by Devon and be beaten by the bad guys (who are also after Devon), which creates the bad guys to want to teach the bullies a lesson, and they do. Where it really falls flat involves a chase scene between the kid and a man who “stole” a woman’s purse. When, of course, it was all a big misunderstanding and the man was actually doing something good. Thus it causes Devon and Nick, who catches up to him, to look and feel humiliated in different ways.

    This is not a good movie, but it did impress me that it wasn’t as bad as I felt it would be when I was going into it.


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