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What Has Been Wrong and What Has Been Right – Robin Williams’ Film Career, 1988

Good Morning Vietnam, An Evening With Robin Williams, Popeye, The World According To Garp, The Survivors, Moscow On The Hudson, The Best of Times, Club Paradise

5 thoughts on “What Has Been Wrong and What Has Been Right – Robin Williams’ Film Career, 1988

  • Interesting timing of this show. Williams’ career became more of the same throughout the 1990’s: Great or good in good movies with good scripts; over-reliant on his own stand-up schtick in bad movies with bad scripts. There were a few exceptions with good directors. “Jack” was a flop directed by Francis Ford Coppola. “Toys” was the other Barry Levinson film and it also bombed.

    Williams made too many films in too short a time. Unfortunately, his supply of flops increasingly outweighed his supply of hits as time went by. Really a shame since he was such a gifted actor and comedian. RIP, Robin Williams.

    • He worked with Barry Levinson also in Man of the Year in 2006. That year he did 5 films: RV, The Night Listener, Man of the Year, Night at the Museum, and Happy Feet. He did a lot of good work and some films really took off, like Mrs. Doubtfire.

  • It’s amazing to see these special shows and realize how well they predicted successes for many of these actors and directors in these shows. Williams just at this time was breaking out of his comedic roles and just starting to do dramatic stuff, with Dead Poets Society and then Awakenings. Sad that Williams died young by killing himself, but we all have to go sometime.

  • Love that sweater Gene is wearing!!!!!!! Looks like a Christmas one.

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