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5 thoughts on “Armageddon, Henry Fool, Gone with the Wind, Buffalo 66, Passion in the Desert, Nights of Cabiria, 1998

  • I went into a laugh attack at 16:20 when they were talking about the guy and the Leopard…lol!

  • Wow Roger….I DESPISED Armageddon. Truly awful filmmaking and editing. Unwatchable. I cannot believe he gave it a “weird” thumbs up. I so agree with what Roger said.

  • UGH!!! Roger is right about Armageddon. It’s friggin’ exhausting to watch with it’s overly quick editing. Also, the characters are not interesting at all. This is a perfect example on why you shouldn’t look up to Michael Bay.

  • Very odd that Gene gave Armageddon thumbs up after disliking “The Rock”, which had the same kind of fast editing by the same director. And strange that Roger gave thumbs up to “The Rock” for the same reason. How can someone like one movie but not the other?

  • I actually liked The Rock. That movie is probably the only Bay movie where I cared about the characters. Armageddon on the other hand, has no interesting characters at all.

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