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11 thoughts on “Congo, The Glass Shield, Pocahontas, Fluke, 1995

  • Dole was an idiot, who like most of these jerks who complain about films, don’t even see them. Glad he lost the election a year later. Also, where is Congo?

    • On the old site, we asked everyone to find a complete show. Sadly nothing has cropped-up, Steven! I looked at a lot of different sites to no avail.

    • Clifford found some footage off of YouTube which I spliced in to what I originally posted, Steven. Thank God!

      • Well, that’s good. Same with Spitfire Grill and some of the beginning of the shows. Well, better than nothing. Maybe some of the segments from the Buena Vista website can be put up here for the missing films, if the BV website goes up again.

    • Hey Clifford, I downloaded that show and I have spliced it in. I will be uploading it soon with the new addition Thank you so very much!

  • You’re welcome! It wasn’t the entire review, but it was definitely the best parts!

  • I just watched The Glass Shield and man did it stink. It felt like a made for TV movie and looked like it too with its claustrophobic framing.

  • I didn’t like Pocahontas at all. I thought it was pretentious Oscar bait, with one dimensional characters, comedy relief that panders to little kids, mixed bag animation and songs, and countless historical inaccuracies. I’m sorry to say this, but making a Disney animated film about American history and depict historical figures as lovers meant to be is just dumb. It’s a stupid idea.

    • Patrick, I respect your opinion about Pocahontas, it makes Braveheart look like Citizen Kane.

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