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3 thoughts on “Assassins, Dead Presidents, How to Make an American Quilt, Strange Days, Persuasion, 1995

  • Antonio Banderas was chewing up the scenery badly in “Assassins.” I don’t know what he was going for, Spanish Joker I guess.

  • “Spanish Joker”….. that actually makes me want to see it, now.

    I never saw “Strange Days” in the day, not sure why. It’s funny, neither Gene (who didn’t like it) or Roger (who loved it) mentioned that the central premise is clearly straight out of an early-80s sci-fi movie called “Brainstorm,” with Natalie Wood and Christopher Walken. Yet another underrated and forgotten (even by 1995) flick on the movie dust-heap.

    • I swear he even does the Joker laugh at one point. I liked the movie. It’s not any good but I liked it. Stallone is a true movie star. Even in a bad movie you care about him and his character.

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