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7 thoughts on “Twister, Captives, Boys, Dead Man, Cold Comfort Farm, 1996

  • With all sincere, I enjoyed Twister as a no-brainer 90s action film and a lot more fun than that absolutely overrated Hunchback Of Notre Dame bullsh*t that came out later that summer of 1996.

  • They’re right about Twister! Yes, the special effects are great and the action scenes are fun to watch. But the screenplay is by the numbers. Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt are getting a divorce? Put them back together! A young girl’s father gets killed while protecting her family from a tornado? Have her grow up into a storm chaser with a personal vendetta against tornadoes! Why is the talented Cary Elwes in the film? So he can play a one-dimensional rival who plagiarizes research from other storm chasers! Oh, and let the other storm chasers be Gen X stereotypes! Because why not? All of these plot threads and cliches prove that the filmmakers just didn’t really care about telling a story and are more interested in providing spectacular set-pieces. It’s pretty clear that Hollywood forgot that the best summer blockbusters were made from the heart instead of the wallet.

  • At least James Cameron made Titanic from the heart; also a disaster movie with great special effects, but much of it historically accurate.

    • Well, expect the fact that there’s a fictional love story surrounding it. And Officer Murdoch committing suicide, despite the fact that there’s no evidence to back this up. Cameron apologized to the Murdoch family about this.

      • I know all that. My point is that Cameron made his film from the heart while Twister and all these other disaster flicks that came afterwards were clearly made from the wallet.

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