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4 thoughts on “Silver Bullet, Twice in a Lifetime, Remo Williams, Dim Sum, 1985

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  • Recently “The Official Roger Ebert” has been posting Roger Ebert solo reviews from 1985, including one for Remo Williams. Does anyone know, are these solo reviews something new that has never been posted before, or have they been around? Apparently they were done for Channel 7 in Chicago, going by what Ebert says at the end of the Gary Marshall interview. The thing is, I am unaware of any references to this job-at least not in his Wikipedia entry or in Life Itself. Maybe someone who was in the Chicago area at the time remembers this? I’m assuming that this job didn’t last long considering the lack of mentions.

    • These were the reviews Roger would do for his TV station solo. I have caught some. Glad to see they were saved over the years. As to why Roger never mentioned it, it probably just came with the job and he considered it like his newspaper review writing.

  • Silver Bullet is a HORRIBLE movie. One of those films I went to with my parents and we were appalled. I was 18 or 19.

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