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7 thoughts on “Showgirls, Canadian Bacon, Seven, The Run of the Country, A Month by the Lake, 1995

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  • And no other film was released by a big studio since Showgirls that had the NC-17 rating.

    • Michael Moore never directed another fictional film again after Canadian Bacon either.

  • I had refused to look at Seven after Alien 3. When I did, I hated it. So vile. That scene with the fat person tied up in bed for a year REALLY got to me, took me out of the movie, and I have’t seen it since.

    • Dude, you are sooo fragile!! Took you OUT of the movie??? It is one of the most powerful & memorable scenes in the whole film!! And you hated “Pulp Fiction” too, right?? The word “snowflake” gets tossed around too often these days, but…yeeees, you are definitely easily triggered by anything “disturbing” in AMAZING films. Sad!

  • Nice they pay tribute to Orville Redenbacher, who sponsored the Video Picks they did. They then moved on to Raisenettes, notice?

  • Hey Alejandro, why don’t you take it easy and keep your rude opinions to yourself? This is a movie review website, man, not Trump’s twitter feed. So the guy doesn’t like “Seven.” I didn’t like it very much either, to be honest. I got Roger’s point that it’s trying to “take the viewer into the Dante’s inferno” of the inner city, but movies have been doing that since the days of the Maltese Falcon, if not Little Caesar, and they didn’t need to show some of the things that Fincher showed here. In Gene’s words, it’s needlessly grotesque. Am I a snowflake, too?

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