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Memo to the Academy, 1994

The Age of Innocence, The Joy Luck Club, In the Line of Fire, What’s Love Got to Do with It, The Piano, Ruby in Paradise, The War Room, El Mariachi, Gettysburg, Map of the Human Heart, Short Cuts, Schindler’s List, Philadelphia

Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks are interviewed by Gene.

4 thoughts on “Memo to the Academy, 1994

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  • Well, the Academy certainly listened this year to some of the suggestions, including The War Room getting a Documentary nomination. This was one year those idiots didn’t make that ordinary mistake of omission. And as to Anna Pacquin, she ended up winning the damn Oscar!

  • I couldn’t agree more about Eastwood’s acting here. I was so proud of him in the scene when I saw it in the theater. Tough guy Clint with tears and a quivering lip. Fantastic.

  • Sadly, the Academy’s good judgement didn’t last long with their omissions of Hoop Dreams and Crumb the next year.

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