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The Stinkers of 1982

Inchon, If You Could See What I Hear, Yes Giorgio, Porky’s, Amityville II: The Possession, Six Weeks, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Grease 2, I Ought to Be in Pictures, Partners

Roger reviews Sophie’s Choice by himself at the end of this video.

8 thoughts on “The Stinkers of 1982

  • I agree with Roger on Six Weeks. The movie was real sickening in the way it tried to yank emotions out of you with pliers. It was really unwatchable! How Gene liked it is beyond me!

    • I’d rather watch Six Weeks which yes, it’s a soap opera and a tear jerker which it was intended for. It’s definitely better than that garbage that you should consider alot worse in Amityville 2, which still has the worst display of on screen sickening material that really warrants what you said about Six Weeks for that film more so than this one.

      I revisited it again and I like it for what it is. It definitely isn’t Dudley Moore’s shining moment or Mary Tyler-Moore’s for that matter, but it shouldn’t be on this list since there are far worse movies they have reviewed and Ebert has liked alot (ie. Cop And A Half and Speed 2) that are just unwatchable and others he’s be raided for no reason (ie. Starship Troopers, Beverly Hills Cop 2 (which still a little controversial since both slammed Eddie Murphy more so on this movie than Another 48 Hours which was far worse), Waterworld, The Man With One Red Shoe, Money Train and The Secret of My Success) which are alot better than the dreck that did show up on his show (ie. the Flubber remake, Patch Adams (which he was not far off in his review for that since that movie just a far worse version of Six Weeks), Lake Placid, Cops and Robbersons, Showgirls and Wild Wild West) and there was other crappy movies that were were left off unjustified after slamming them hard on the show itself (ie. The Beast Within, the Psycho remake (which I did like the second time around despite its flaws), Holy Man, Gone Fishin’) to name a few.

      As I have learned and valued their opinions, they really were very harsh on many movies that didn’t deserve it and way too excited on movies that weren’t worth the hype like Shakespeare In Love (which is still the worst Oscar Winning Best Picture still in my view) and The English Patient as great examples when there were far better movies than those two in their respective years.

      • I think Gladiator is more a Best Picture winner that shouldn’t have gotten it.

        • It’s still a superior Best Picture than Shakespeare In Love by a country mile.

  • I agree about Porky’s. There were a few moments that were funny, like the Lassie scene and the shower scene. That was what attracted people to it. I didn’t care about the part where they gave Porky a night to remember.

    • Porky’s funny for what it is and no more than that. The finale is the best part of the movie for me.

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