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6 thoughts on “The Siege, Elizabeth, Gods and Monsters, The Waterboy, The Wizard of Oz, 1998

  • Rog was off on The Siege…. that movie was both a realistic and eerily prophetic take on the material at hand. I wonder if he revised his thoughts on it post 9/11.

    Waterboy was not Sandler’s finest hour, but considering what would follow, it looks pretty good in comparison. And I really enjoyed Kathy Bates as Mama and Fairuza Balk as the white trash girlfriend.

  • Well… I agreed with Siskel and Ebert about “The Waterboy”. It was dumb, really dumb. But I kind of like it a little bit. I think they were too hard on Adam Sandler. Sure he’s an annoying comedian, but I thought as Bobby Boucher was a nice guy and a mean guy by losing his temper.
    So tha’s about it.

    The Waterboy 2.5/4

  • Sad that more people went to see The Waterboy than The Wizard of Oz that weekend. And of course, you see how Gene’s voice is getting weaker. Very sad too.

  • The Waterboy to me is probably not one of Sandler’s finest hours, but it is still better than his later input of comedies from the 2010s’ onwards. Personally I prefer The Wedding Singer to The Waterboy (both released in 1998, btw).

    • All of Sandler’s movies are hot garbage. I’ve only seen the first like four because I was still a teenager back then. Waterboy was the worst of that sad bunch.

  • If Gene had lived to see 9/11, I wonder how he’d feel about The Siege then and if Roger was right in the question about playing with fire?

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