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Worst of 1997

The Jackal, A Thousand Acres, Mad City, The Man Who Knew Too Little, Wild America, Rudyard Kipling’s the Second Jungle Book, Buddy, That Darn Cat, That Old Feeling, BAPS, Alien Resurrection, Home Alone 3, Starship Troopers, U-Turn, Father’s Day, Flubber, Year of the Horse, Jungle 2 Jungle

5 thoughts on “Worst of 1997

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  • Love that they did 8 films in the first section again. Also, Roger did not pick Little Indian, Big City as the worst film the year before, he had picked that as the second worst and lost a coin flip with Gene over who would do Mad Dog Time, so he had to go with the second pick. Like they couldn’t have both done it like North?

  • They didn’t put in Till There Was You as they said they would when they initially panned it. It could’ve fit in the romantic category. I guess they can’t find room for every damn film.

  • Some other thoughts:
    1. Robin Williams appeared on many of these worst of the year shows. He was in Worst of 96, 97, 98 (Gene’s last year), and 99. Four in a row!
    2. Some of these categories overlapped, like the thing about directors making a bad film. Some of the other directors not in that category but on here were Robert Townsend (BAPS), Ivan Reitman (Father’s Day), and Jim Jarmusch (Year of the Horse).
    3. Wonder if Townsend ever did talk to Roger again after this?
    4. Gene mentioning the thing about actors wanting to see a picture they made in a theater was something he mentioned the year before.

  • Robin Williams was in a lot of bad movies in the 1990’s, but he was also in several good ones (Awakenings, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poet’s Society, Mrs. Doubtfire.)

    Really, Dan Aykroyd had the worst decade of them all! Can anyone think of one good movie he was in after getting an Oscar nod for “Driving Miss Daisy”? (Despite Gene liking it, I thought “Blues Brothers 2000 was terrible.)

    Yikes! I don’t remember “Mad City”. Shocking to see Hoffman in another stinker after “Ishtar”, though Travolta has been in a fair share of them, such as last year’s “Gotti”.

    My mother was a Bruce Willis fan. She saw and really hated “The Jackal”, and “The Last Boy Scout”.

    Shades of their “Worst of 1993” show, when each critic’s choice of “worst movie” was a film the other gave thumbs up to. “Here we go again with “Starship Troopers” and “Home Alone 3”. Critical consensus favored Gene for both movies.

    Did Gene use a 2-headed coin? He’s won EVERY coin flip! Because of that, the show is not called “Ebert & Siskel”.

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