One thought on “Take 2 – Going to the movies, 1981

  • February 6, 2019 at 9:12 am

    There are three versions of this episode-1. The episode as it originally aired in 1980. Not sure when it aired that year, but The Black Marble was released in March, so presumably it was in that time frame. As of right now this first version doesn’t appear to be available. I can’t say for sure if this entire episode is used in the later airings, as without the bookends that were later added it seems a little short in running time compared with the typical episode. 2. The re-airing of the episode in 1981, this time with “looking back” bookends by Siskel and Ebert. That is what we have here. 3. The re-airing of the episode, this time with bookends by Ignaty and Christy. This is available on the Ebert Presents website, and to my eyes the video quality is a little better.

    As for the content of this episode, I was struck by the small size of the screen in the screening room. It’s a squarish 4:3 screen, not that big for movies with that dimension, but downright tiny when you think about all the scope movies that they would be watching on that screen.

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