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5 thoughts on “At First Sight, Another Day in Paradise, The Hi-Lo Country, Playing by Heart, The Theory of Flight, 1999

  • This was Gene’s final show. So it aired in January, 1999.

    • Thanks Clifford, it has been corrected!

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  • Has it been verified this was Gene’s last show? I can often see the difference in his health/alertness in his last several shows, and in the Best of and Worst of, of 1998, he seemed worse than he is in this ep. It would be great if you could organize-by-date on these, so we can see the order of shows in 1999 (and all years for that matter).

    • This was the last show they had on the air before he left. The next week was a repeat of an earlier episode. Then, after that Roger did the show by his lonesome self. None of these were leftover films from 1998 that they wanted to get to, if I recall. As to maybe why Gene sounds a little better here, those shows you mention might’ve been taped all in one day so he got tired as it went along. He might’ve also been a little more up here after resting between shows. Still, this was the last one he would do, dying a few weeks later. But he did the show as long as he could and kept his illness private so we wouldn’t pity him. I honor him and the brave front he put up. He missed a lot of films after that that I wonder what he would’ve thought of.

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