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5 thoughts on “Hollywood’s New Vandalism, 1987

  • Next to 1981’s “Going to the Movies”, this is my favorite S & E special! They really trashed Ted Turner and all the other people involved in colorization with a lot of passion. I agree with every word they said, especially when they called it “vandalism”! Thank goodness it proved to be hugely unpopular, and I think S & E should be partly credited for that!

    • Shortly after this broadcast, people suddenly lost interest in colorization and now Ted Turner has founded Turner Classic Movies, which preserves movies the way they’re intended to be seen.

  • IMDB and thetvdb both say this episode aired 10/4/1986. I can’t independently confirm that.

  • Thetvdb episode guide has gaps for the dates 8/29/1987, 9/5/1987 and 9/12/1987. I would guess that the “Vandalism” episode aired as a rerun on one of those dates followed in the week after by a rerun of the “Guilty Pleasures” episode previewed on this recording. The original air date of the “Guilty” episode is supposed to be 5/16/1987.

    • Yes, this originally aired in 1986. If you check the show with Peggy Sue Got Married and Name of the Rose, at the end Roger mentions the next week they will be doing a special show devoted to colorization. This is it.

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