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3 thoughts on “The Client, Lassie, It Could Happen to You, North, Barcelona, 1994

  • I get the feeling that they weren’t too thrilled with North. This movie is definitely remembered for their reviews much more than the movie itself. And, of course, it’s the subject of Roger’s most legendary print review of all time.

    I had to see North out of curiosity. Yeah, it’s bad, mainly because there wasn’t a single funny moment in it! I wasn’t as outraged by the stereotypes as they were, though the Alaskan section of the movie was the most offensive. I’m just scratching my head as to what Rob Reiner was trying to do. And I’m guessing that this was one movie that Bruce Willis would love to forget!

    It Could Happen to You was a nice, pleasant romantic comedy, and not much more.

    • Funny thing: The day after North opened, my dad passed away at the age of 50 from cancer. That night I saw this show and could understand the flaw in the story, where children don’t lightly separate from their parents. North also was the film debut of Scarlett Johannsen, who went on to better shit.

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