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3 thoughts on “Winter People, Say Anything, Field of Dreams, She’s Out of Control, Dead Calm, 1989

  • Field of dreams, Dead calm & Say anything i enjoy a lot & recommend

  • This is a really wonderful episode that encapsulates everything good about the show and also highlights a strong pre-summer period at the movies in 1989. Here we have a strong disagreement among the critics, the citation of a movie rule (The Cole rule) that was broken, reviews of what would become known as one of the best and worst movies of this year, some of the nicest praise and strongest trashing they’ve ever given, and at least two movies still regarded by some as classics today. We also have movies with some up-and-coming stars who would get much bigger later on and movies with some stars who were on their way down. This episode has so much of what made the show special and still worth looking back on.

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