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8 thoughts on “Diabolique, It’s My Party, Flirting with Disaster, Girl 6, Little Indian Big City, Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream, 1996

  • Thanks to Larry and Mateja for bringing the recent shows online! Really appreciate it!

    • Most def. Thought the well had run dry, but there’s still stuff out there…. makes me happy.

    • I have had a couple of people telling me, in the last few days, they have some tapes of the shows.It will be interesting to see what pops-up!

      • Sounds good, Larry. From a purely selfish perspective I’m hoping for some late 80’s or 90’s stuff, but anything not already on here will be good of course.

  • Wow! The dubbing in “Little Indian, Big City” is worse than those 70’s Japanese kung fu movies! And what possessed Disney to remake this? That remake was Gene’s pick for worst movie of 1997!

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  • Well, at least Little Indian, Big City in this country bombed. Roger’s print review of it was a riot.

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