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3 thoughts on “Siskel & Ebert 500th Anniversary Special, 1989

  • My favorite section of the special is actually the “Changes” section, where they talked about the director-driven films of the 1970’s and how they were replaced by the mass market special effects pictures after the sucesses of Jaws and Star Wars. 30 years after this broadcast, they’re still making so many blockbusters. BTW, they’re not actually saying that the special effects films are bad movies (though they did give thumbs down to Beverly Hills Cop). Anyone who has home recordings or has read Roger Ebert’s Movie Home Companion would tell you that they do enjoy special effects film.

  • 30 years after this special, even before COVID-19, they’re still making The Great American Hit. As I’ve said before, they’re not saying these are bad movies. They’re basically saying that Hollywood took the successes of Jaws and Star Wars the wrong way and assumed that all we want is big-budget spectacle, which is hardly the case.

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