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8 thoughts on “Superman II, Eyes of a Stranger, Stripes, The Cannonball Run, 1981

  • What Gene Siskel just said at the end of the episode is sadly accurate. 38 years after this broadcast, they keep making movies for teenagers.

  • Wonder if Roger ever got a chance to see the Richard Donner cut of Superman II?

    • I don’t believe he did. At the time of its video release he was in the hospital, sadly. They didn’t mention it as a video pick on the show either. I have a feeling if Roger had still been on Ebert and Roeper at the time, Ebert might’ve caught it and brought it up as a video pick. Oh, well.

  • Very, very good question. If he did, I think he would like it better than the Richard Lester cut. I think they’re both good movies, despite Lester’s forced slapstick humor.

  • Sadly, Superman 3 would be a disappointment. But they didn’t know that then.

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