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5 thoughts on “For Your Eyes Only, S.O.B., The Great Muppet Caper, Dragonslayer, 1981

  • Fun fact, Roger gave For Your Eyes Only 2 stars in his newspaper review, so I don’t know why he gives it a “YES” vote here.

    • I was wondering about that too. He also gave a Yes to Fade to Black despite giving it 2.5 stars. I guess here the stars weren’t the same with the thumbs up/down as the Yes/No votes.

      • Ebert and Siskel’s newspaper reviews almost always differed from their show reviews. Like Grease 2 for example in which his newspaper review was 2 stars and it makes the years’ worst films list on the show as well as getting a NO vote. If he hated that much, just give it a star or a zero and that’s it. Also see The Sword and the Sorcerer in which he gave half a star in his paper review and on the show, he admitted that he liked most of it especially when Siskel admitted that he liked the movie period. Ebert always contracted himself on and off the show, despite being right more so than wrong. He can never be forgiven for Cop and A Half though!

        • Siskel was inconsistent too though. He said here that he didn’t like any Bond movies since Thunderball but he did give The Spy Who Loved Me 3 stars in his newspaper review. He called it good, not great there. That review sounded very similar to Ebert’s print review of For Your Eyes Only. So they seemed to have some inconsistency in how they evaluated the Bond films.

  • What about that guff about the odd numbered Star Trek films being poor (in their review for #5)? Ebert gave thumbs up to #1, both gave thumbs up to #3 and Siskel gave thumbs up to #9.

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