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3 thoughts on “American Pie, The Blair Witch Project, My Life So Far, Arlington Road, Return with Honor, 1999

  • Blair Witch Project was definitely a surprise back in 99 because of the fact that at the time it was low budget but as far as horror movies go, legitimately it scared me as a kid.

    Return with Honor was another surprise as well. I mean we don’t get enough films or enough docs on Vietnam but this one really hits home.

    American Pie as far as teen comedies go, this is like the perfect teen comedy. Ebert was definitely right on this review.

    Arlington Road as a kid I never understood the plot twist at the end either but for the most part it was a good film but the ending kind of brings it down but not really.

  • I never cared for Blair Witch Project. They got what they deserved, the uncle fuckers, for doing this stupid shit in the first place.

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