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Avatar, It’s Complicated, Did You Hear About the Morgans?, 2009

Top Ten of the Decade –

Phillips’ Picks –

10. Minority Report
9. Gosford Park
8. Mulholland Drive
7. United 93
6. Zodiac
5. Y Tu Mama Tambien
4. Once
3. Climates
2. Ratatouille

Scott’s Picks –

10. Million Dollar Baby
9. 25th Hour
8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
7. 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
6. The Best of Youth
5. Where the Wild Things Are
4. The Pianist
3. Brokeback Mountain
2. A.I.

Phillips’ 3 to See:
1. Crazy Heart
2. Broken Embraces

3. Avatar

13 thoughts on “Avatar, It’s Complicated, Did You Hear About the Morgans?, 2009

  • Just an FYI, “Broken Embraces” was officially reviewed on an earlier show. This was just in their “3 to see.”

  • Regardless of what some may say over the years, Avatar is still one of the best science-fiction films of the 21st Century.

    • No, not “regardless of what some may say”…. that is YOUR opinion. What people do or do not say has no bearing on the quality of the film. You happen to like it, good for you.

    • Also, the “at the movies tribute from 2009” should be deleted as that is part of the 2010 episode.

      • Sorry for the delay in responding, Michael. I am working on another website of mine which is taking up a lot of time. I will try working this site more this week, and try to catch up!

  • Ok. Just to let you know, I sent you the link of several full episodes from 1989 that I found.

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  • Just to let you know, that episode is from my recording on KABC when I found it through my DVD-R collection. I do have more but I have to search for every single disc around that I have in my room which will be tough since the moved.

    • That’s cool, Joseph, I’m glad we have the Avatar episode. If you still have a copy of this from your original file, I’d like to get a copy. I could send you my Google Drive link to upload it to. Some of the old site’s videos lost some image resolution, and we could replace this with your original copy if it looks better. And we’ll work on posting any other episodes you can find and send to us, preferably by uploading to my Google Drive. I’ll also add your credit to the posts under the video with a link to your YouTube page.

      • I would love to do that. BTW, I just dig through some DVD Binders, today and stumbled some episodes. Unfortunately, these videos were only recorded at 320×240 resolution (I set them at SLP mode through my Sony DVD recorder to save some room for other programs when I had DirecTV at the time). So the quality is not going to be that higher, I regret myself not recording at SP mode (except on rare occasion, that last episode of “At The Movies”, which is already uploaded on this site and maybe a few). Therefore, I’m doing my best to ripped them using Handbrake and do some editing. When I get finished, I try to post them on Google Drive but I need to get your link for it. More will follow once I find them.

        • So far yesterday, I’ve captured 17 episodes of “At The Movies” with Michael Phillips and A.O. Scott and 2 episodes of “At The Movies with Ebert & Roeper” from 2008. Most of which were in 352×240 and one in 640×480 resolution. I also found an Oprah episode from 2010 with Roger Ebert and his wife, Chaz at 352×480 resolution. I’m still searching for some more, few of the DVD-R Discs I forgot to labeled (Thankfully, I wrote it as soon as I checked). I’ll posted them on Bitchute just in case, but hopefully will upload them Google Drive soon if I could . Once again, I need the link. I hope it’s not a paying site. Otherwise, there’s other solutions that are for free.

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