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6 thoughts on “Ed Wood, The River Wild, Jason’s Lyric, The Scout, Rapa-Nui, 1994

  • About damn time…hoping to see more shows from 1994 especially seeing more movies from that year like The Shadow, Blown Away, etc and other years that are not here…other movies like White Men Can’t Jump, Death Becomes Her, etc. are posted

    • I would have had this up earlier, Terry, but it got buried in my collection of video files. I hope to find more, but I also hope, one day, more people will donate their collection of S&E so I can post more here!

      • Listen, if you go to youtube, you will see some new videos that aren’t up here. They are from 1989.

  • Good stuff, was wondering where this one went to. Yeah, hopefully someone out there is sitting on some rare recordings… and is willing to share the wealth of course.

  • When you click on The Disney Years – 1994 in the top menu, this review is not shown on that page. This seems to be a common problem with some of the reviews posted in 2020.

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