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4 thoughts on “Saturn 3, The Last Married Couple in America, Cruising, Just Tell Me What You Want, Hero at Large, 1980

  • I wonder if the 27 year old woman Gene saw Hero at Large with was the woman he eventually married, Marlene.

    • I think she certainly could have been Marlene. From what I know about Gene and Marlene’s courtship they started dating when she was a TV producer for CBS in the late 70’s( WBBM-TV/Channel 2 in Chicago). However, around 1979/1980 she got a new job in New York but instead of losing Marlene, Gene flew to New York and proposed to her at the Pizza-Fotomat on 2nd avenue! Hopefully Marlene and her 3 children are doing well we all certainly miss Gene!

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  • It’s strange to think that the Magic of Lassie is a 2 year old film that Roger reviewed. Plus, the film got an Oscar nod for the Best Song which was written by the Sherman Brothers known for the Disney films Mary Poppins and the Jungle Book.

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