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5 thoughts on “Wise Blood, Woyzeck, In Search of Historic Jesus, Something Short of Paradise, 1979

  • Boy, there’s a film company that specialized in ripping off moviegoers and treating them like morons! Aggressive ad campaigns pressurizing the public were kind of typical in the 70’s. But inflating ticket prices and providing no entertainment value in return really took it too far!

    • Sunn Classic Pictures were morons for thinking that moviegoers are as such!

  • Pretty fun to see both Gene and Roger bash a film (well a film company in general, Sunn Classic Pictures) during their brutal review of In Search Of Historic Jesus.

    Also, it’s really cute to see Spot The Wonder Dog wrapped up in winter clothing during the letters segment. 😊😊

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  • Sunn Classic Pictures was responsible for bringing Grizzly Adams to life.

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