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3 thoughts on “Star Trek, Kramer vs. Kramer, Sleeping Beauty, The Jerk, Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video, 1979

  • I have to disagree with them about The Jerk, I thought it was a great comedy classic and I would rather watch it than let’s say any of the latter day Adam Sandler comedies from 2010 onwards, although I hear good things about his recent role in the drama Uncut Gems.

  • I remember reading an article about Kramer vs. Kramer several years ago that called it a de facto sequel to The Graduate. Basically, the idea was that Benjamin and Elaine got off the bus, changed their clothes, and moved to Manhattan. Benjamin became an advertising man and Elaine became a housewife and, soon, a mother; both of them went on accepting the roles their culture had assigned them (after that one brief moment of rebellion at the wedding), both of them still believing in the Eisenhower-era promises made during their childhoods…. and then one day Elaine (now named Joanna) snapped and decided she had to get back on that bus and find out who she really was, leaving Ben (now named Ted) to somehow graduate from workaholic absentee dad to an actual father to his son. I thought it was a very interesting idea, and I wonder what Siskel & Ebert would’ve made of it.

  • I always thought the theme song was an odd combination of military, and British comedy like Benny Hill. Why is that? Its nothing to do with film, in my estimation. But I like it. Very nostalgic.

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