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7 thoughts on “The Electric Horseman, Cuba, Going in Style, The Black Hole, All That Jazz, 1980

  • These movies were released in December 1979, not 1980.

    • Hey Michael, I usually go with the copyright at the end of the show, and it shows 1980. I will add in the title 1979, 1980. I am not at home right now, but I need to check IMBd’s website to get a more precise date! I will add an additional comment later today.

      • I don’t know why it has the copyright year of 1980. Thanks for putting these up too. By the way, the 1986 show with Gung Ho and Highlander is cut off. There is another version on youtube that has the whole thing. Might want to look into that. Thanks.

  • All December ’79 releases, but the copyright does say 1980. Though Gene says about the Black Hole it is one of the most anticipated films of the holiday season, indicating that this is a December ’79 recording.If this was them coming back off holiday in the start of the new year, All these films would have already opened, and I think he would have worded it differently.

  • I can certainly confirm I saw The Black Hole on it’s opening night in Dec, 1979, and this was a week or two after I saw Star Trek: The Motion Picture on it’s opening night. I even remember sitting in the theater for about 30 minutes before The Black Hole lit up on the screen. Those 30 minutes had an overture playing, probably the last time I ever saw a movie with an overture in the beginning.
    Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Friday, Dec 7th, 1980?
    The Black Hole – Friday, Dec 21st, 1980?

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