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Worst Of

#Disney1998Worst Of

Worst of 1997

The Jackal, A Thousand Acres, Mad City, The Man Who Knew Too Little, Wild America, Rudyard Kipling’s the Second Jungle

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#Disney1999Worst Of

Worst of 1998

Armageddon, Patch Adams, Godzilla, Jack Frost, Phantoms, Deep Rising, Lost in Space, Ringmaster, Spice World, The Waterboy, My Giant, Baseketball,

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#Disney1989Worst Of

Worst of 1988 Betrayed, Cocktail, Willow, Stealing Home, Far North, Punchline, Heartbreak Hotel, The Deceivers, Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Last Rights, Scrooged, Stealing

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#Disney1997Worst Of

Worst of 1996

Black Sheep, Daylight, Fled,Getting Away With Murder, Happy Gilmore, High School High, House Arrest, Jack, Jingle All the Way, Joe’s Apartment, Kazaam, Larger than Life, Last Man Standing, Little Indian Big City, Mad

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#Disney1990Worst Of

Worst of 1989

Harlem Nights, Young Einstein, No Holds Barred, The Wizard, She’s Out of Control, Dream a Little Dream, Old Gringo, Bloodhounds

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